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I have played a lead role in the reshaping of Healthspan’s e-commerce website. Reflecting the fast-paced nature of the business the implemented site continues to adapt, scale and evolve over time, allowing Healthspan to reach new and existing customers through multiple channels has been key in helping to grow the business. 

Healthspan Website

understanding the audience

Looking at how the site portrayed the brand on an emotional level; it was important to get to know our customers.

I conducted in-depth customer research. Looking at what drives consumers to the brand, and what turns them off.

Understanding the needs of consumers, and how these differ across multiple purchase channels.

A revised brand proposition based on this information has helped shape the behavior of the brand going forward, allowing Healthspan to become clearly different from the competition. Communications are now more tailored and relevant – knowing the consumer and market segmentation allows for targeted growth and customer recruitment opportunities are more likely to be effective and efficient.

Fostering meaningful relationships and ultimately long-term retention of consumers.

Healthspan mobile site

Mobile site

Healthspan decided to build a separate mobile version of the website (m dot), research had shown that this was converting better for their peers and competition.

I creatively directed the project; producing designs, layouts and user-interfaces, whilst also leading the UX projects. During the development phase I worked in Denmark with contracted Agency Chainbizz. Chainbizz handled the backend development, whilst I produced the front-end code.

Taking the approach that the Mobile site needn’t be totally separate, a large amount of the same codebase was shared. Using SASS to manage modular CSS, in a manner that could be shared (or not) between Mobile and Non–Mobile versions.

Since producing the Healthspan Mobile site we have witnessed a large increase in mobile traffic, conversion rates have improved and bounce rate has reduced.