Traditional Italian Restaurants

Bottelino’s are a well established restaurant chain with outlets across the South West; Bristol, Bath, Clifton, Swindon and Weston-super-Mare. Whilst working at Creation I was appointed by Bottelino’s to take over the implementation of their digital engagement plan.

The Challenge

Acknowledging their website was out-dated, we were approached by Bottelino’s. We quickly discovered problems were deeper rooted than just appearance.

Google Analytics indicated a high bounce rate, and a low number of returning visitors. User research showed that users found the site difficult to navigate, struggling to find the information they were looking for they would often leave feeling frustrated. The blog was untouched for almost 2 years, information was hard to find and it wasn’t possible to book online.

The solution

We launched an online marketing strategy to drive traffic. The website was re-designed, taking learning from what did and didn’t work with the old site.

Giving users a reason to return we ensure content is current. The individual restaurants were encouraged to become very socially aware. Using all the social channels they drive active conversations with the customers, checking in via mobile devices, liking comments and news feeds, responding to tweets and posting photo’s. This social activity is pushed onto the home page of the site.

The result

Bottelino’s have successfully used the social channels to build relationships with their customers. The website content is driven by fresh content and users are given a reason to return.

Email marketing is performing well, with a spike in bookings and enquiries. Bounce rate has dropped significantly, and many bookings have been made through the website.